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Blocked Drain Slough

Blocked drains can be a frustrating and even costly problem for homeowners and businesses alike. If you're based in Slough and are dealing with a blocked drain, there are a few steps you can take before calling in the professionals at Clearway Plumbing and Drains Limited. In this article, we'll go over some of the common causes of blocked drains, as well as some preventative measures and DIY solutions you can try.
What Causes Blocked Drains?

There are several factors that can contribute to a blocked drain. Some of the most common causes include:

Buildup of grease and fat: Over time, grease and fat can accumulate in your pipes and cause blockages.
Flushing inappropriate items down the toilet: Only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed down the toilet. Flushing items like wipes, sanitary products, and cotton swabs can lead to blockages. Hair buildup: If you have long hair or are shedding a lot of hair, it can get caught in your drains and cause blockages.
Tree root intrusion: Roots from nearby trees can grow into your pipes and cause blockages.
Preventative Measures

To avoid blocked drains, there are a few preventative measures you can take. These include:
Avoid flushing inappropriate items down the toilet.
Use a drain cover or strainer to catch hair and other debris before it goes down the drain.
Dispose of grease and fat in the trash instead of pouring it down the sink.
Regularly flush your drains with hot water to help clear away any buildup.

DIY Solutions

If you do end up with a blocked drain, there are a few DIY solutions you can try before calling in the professionals. These include: Plunger: A plunger can often help dislodge a blockage. Be sure to use a cup plunger, which is specifically designed for sinks and toilets. Baking soda and vinegar: Mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar and pour it down the drain. Let it sit for 30 minutes before flushing with hot water. Drain snake: A drain snake can help remove blockages that are further down the pipe.
When to Call in the Professionals

If you've tried these DIY solutions and are still dealing with a blocked drain, it's time to call in the professionals at Clearway Plumbing and Drains Limited. Our team of experts has the tools and expertise to quickly diagnose and resolve any plumbing issue, including blocked drains. Additionally, attempting to fix a blocked drain yourself can sometimes make the problem worse, leading to costly repairs down the line.
In Conclusion

Blocked drains are a common problem that can be frustrating to deal with. By taking preventative measures and trying some simple DIY solutions, you may be able to resolve the issue yourself. However, if you're still struggling with a blocked drain, don't hesitate to call in the professionals at Clearway Plumbing and Drains Limited. We're here to help keep your plumbing running smoothly.

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